Moers, 01. December 1985, 13:49 o’clock. After a 42 hours riot, there was a plop, a clap, a cry and I was born. Johann Frederik Göke

Forename: Frederik
First Job: son
First inspiring model: Michel aus Lönneberga

Due to my father’s job I spent a big part of my childhood in theaters or on movie sets. I loved this fantastic world made of pictures and stories and dreamt of being part of it one day, living happily ever after…

A few years later, after confusedly fighting my way out of the school system, I worked in economics for two years, one of which at an international chamber of industry and commerce in Brasil.

But my childhood dream was hard to die, so I came back to Europe to study acting. I wanted to live the life of a rover, to travel from site to site, meet people, create stories and play, just play. And I did it.

Today I run my own production company in the Lower Rhine region, work as an actor in movies and television and write, develop and direct own concepts, plays and movies.

You can download my CV here:

CV Frederik Göke (EN)


Pictures for publication (Photographer: Thomas M. Jauk):