What will remain?

“What will remain?” is a 40-minutes documentary on the end of the German coal mining in the Ruhrgebiet, specifically focussing on the Lower Rhine region. This production was sponsored by the Foundation for Industrial Monuments and the Ruhr Tourismus GmbH. After a phenomenal public presentation on the 21st of December 2018, the last day of coal mining in the Ruhrgebiet, the documentary will soon be published on DVD.

We are fine

Regarding newest statistics on domestic violence published by the German Federal Criminal Police Office, more than every three days in Germany a woman is killed by her partner. Nevertheless jealousy, one of the main reasons for crimes of causing death within a couple is by law still not regarded as a baser instinct, which means that sentences for those crimes are rather moderate. As a 1-minute Shortmovie “We are fine” addresses to this shocking topic.

Metropolitan II

After Metropolitan I in 2017, Metropolitan II is the sequel to this successful Musical-theatre-performance to open the new subway stations in Düsseldorf for the Cultural Life. As a special event of the “Kunstpunkte Düsseldorf 2018” (big cultural event in the city) Metropolitan II was performed in and between the subway station “Kirchplatz” and the St. Peter Church in Düsseldorf. The Performance is based on the sculptural concept “Spur X” by Enne Haehnle and paintings on glas by Jochen Poensgen.

Metropolitan II was sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Department of Düsseldorf and the Foundation of Art North Rhine-Westphalia. Partners of cooperation were the Rheinbahn AG and the St. Peter Church Düsseldorf.

Metropolitan I

Metropolitan I is a music-theatre-performance in public space, between the new subway station Benrather Straße and the Carlsplatz in Düsseldorf. The 5 protagonists landed as „Aliens“ in their futuristic subway station on earth.

With electronic and odd-seeming sounds they communicate and stroll through the sterile and cold atmosphere of their „spaceship“. They get prepared for their expedition on the Carlsplatz. Up there, within the turmoil of the market place, they discover completely new sounds and tones and try to approach to them with their own music. Step by step they collect more impressions, which change their former sounds and let them appear less and less unfamiliar to the local individuals…

Every days madness

Integrative short movie workshop for refugees and locals in Düsseldorf. Joint production of short movies based on experiences and stories of the participants.


At the Hermann-Gmeiner-Berufskolleg in Moers was shot a documentary about the dreams, wishes, goals and values of 4 young students, who fled to us from anxiety, terror and poverty. In this 10 minutes documentary these young people talk very bluntly and authentic about their life in a foreign country, their feelings for home, their problems and hopes.

The movie shows the exploration of a new home, what we have culturally in common and what is different out of the perspectives of these young humans, who just left their first traces in this new society.

Der Die Das Sprache

When different cultures and languages get together, there is always some chaos and hurly-burly. That can be frustrating, as well as very amusing. We took the effort to pick some of those daily-life complications one faces by learning a new culture and language and tried to transform those „situations“ into light and funny cinematic stories, based on real experiences of our participants Hoshmand Sardar and Ghassem Gorbani. 

Puddingabitur? Von wegen!

Puddingabitur? Von wegen! is an advertisement on the education of nutrition and domestic science that represents more than one might expect.

Students and professors of the school “Hermann-Gmeiner-Berufskolleg” in Moers (DE) tell us about their passion for this sector and explain why it is important that we keep this profession alive!


A band of refugee musicians, founded at the beginning of 2016 at the Kulturzimmer, an initiative of the Grafschafter Diakonie in collaboration with the city of Neukirchen-Vluyn.

Within this project „Frühstück mit Heimatlos“ a theatre play by Stefan Ey and Frederik Göke, saw the light, as well as several songs including the „Fluchtliniensong“ (Matthias Bangert / Frederik Göke), which premiered in Düsseldorf, on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the Land North Rhine-Westphalia at the presence of its first minister Hannelore Kraft.

Heimatlos - Foto: Bettina Engel-Albustin - FOTOAGENTUR RUHR moers
Heimatlos – Foto: Bettina Engel-Albustin – FOTOAGENTUR RUHR

Day of Song & ExtraSchicht 2018

at location Maschinenhalle Pattberg in Moers (DE) with over 3.000 visitors.

1 day, 2 event on the subject of: „Ending of the German coal mining industry 2018“

Title of the 2 events at the Maschinenhalle Pattberg: „Hall of memories“

LAST EXIT MOERS - Foto: Dr. Thoralf Abgarjan
Halle der Erinnerungen – Foto: Dr. Thoralf Abgarjan


LaGa Chor

Männergesangsverein Borth, Millingen, Alpsray

„Musik inklusive“

joyful voices, Pianoforte, Bahnhofschor

Rutger Muller Ensemble

What will remain? (documentary on German coal mining at the left Lower Rhine Region)


Two-weeks long music and theatre Festival located inside the machine hall of former coal-mine Pattberg in Moers (DE), September 2016.

LAST EXIT MOERS - Foto: Dr. Thoralf Abgarjan
LAST EXIT MOERS – Foto: Dr. Thoralf Abgarjan

ExtraSchicht 2017

Light- and sound installation for the ExtraSchicht (cultural festival for the whole Ruhr area), June 2017.

LAST EXIT MOERS - Foto: Roland Krause
ExtraSchicht 2017 – Photographer: Roland Krause


Production company for cultural events, movies, documentaries and music videos based in the Lower Rhine region, Germany.